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leinn arts

Robots are not going
to create culture.

Are you?

The Official European Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation
focused in Arts and Creative Industries.

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    Welcome to your
    future journey

    Study in different destination in
    each academic year

    1st year


    ✔️ Meet your international classmates
    ✔️ Learn and develop cooperative values
    ✔️ Experiment in arts and cultures
    ✔️ Build your own team-company
    ✔️ Start exploring how to create real projects in Creative Industries


    2nd year


    ✔️ Turn your passion projects into entrepreneurial ventures
    ✔️ Experience one the most creative cities in the world
    ✔️ Be an active participant in an international network of creativess
    ✔️ Develop purpose driven projects


    3rd year

    #SeoulLab #ShangaiLab

    ✔️ Master your learning methods
    ✔️ Understand and bring new proposals to the Asian market
    ✔️ Innovate as a company in the Creative Industries
    ✔️ Scale up your projects

    4th year

    World, your playground

    ✔️ Dive into the Startup process
    ✔️ Develop your final degree project
    ✔️ Get your official Bachelors Degree
    ✔️ Build the profession of your dreams that contributes to the world


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